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Fuel Bank

Many people have to make the difficult choice between heating their home and putting a meal on the table, because they are unable to afford to do both. As a result, people in this situation do not top up their pre–payment meters, leaving them without gas and electricity for cooking, heating and hot water. Wokingham Foodbank operates a Fuelbank scheme to provide support for Wokingham Borough Council residents who are unable to afford energy costs.

How does the Fuelbank work?

Emergency energy support vouchers will be provided to clients which they can redeem at
either a PayPoint outlet or at a Post Office counter. Vouchers will be emailed out to clients,
where this is not possible we will post out a printed copy of the voucher.

Who can access this this scheme?

The Fuelbank is available to residents living in Wokingham Borough who are currently in an
emergency situation and do not have funds to top up their gas/electricity accounts. Clients must have a pre-payment meter.

How can I access this this scheme?

We accept referrals from more than 80 different organisations, including Wokingham Borough Council, Schools, Charities and Citizens Advice. If you are unsure which agency to contact please contact One Front Door at Wokingham Citizens Advice on 0808 278 2958  or visit their web site

Citizens Advice will ask for evidence to ensure assistance from our fuelbank scheme is needed. This will include client ID, a photo of the pre-payment meter showing funds available and a current bank statement. Applications may not be considered if there is high discretionary spending.

What is the value of the energy support vouchers?

Single/couples will receive £28 per top up and families will receive £49 per top up, this is based on recommendations from Ofgem.



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