We have new Premises!

2nd August 2016


We can now share some fantastic news!  We have found new premises for the Wokingham Foodbank!!

As some of you may know the lease on the building which we currently rent runs out at the end of this year and so we have had to look for new premises.  We are very grateful to Steven Jones of Richard Worth estate agents who have sub-let the Rose Street shop to us for the last 3 years at a below commercial rent.  Without his support it would have been very difficult to get the foodbank started back in September 2013.

Our new landlord and supporter is Neal Mackenzie of Michael Hardy who has agreed to let the foodbank sub-let their old offices in Broad Street Walk, has agreed a 4 year lease and has reduced the rent to a level we can, with your support, (just) afford.

We will move into the new building at the end of this month and hope to have our first opening on 1st September – exactly 3 years since we started the foodbank in Wokingham.

We are excited about this move and hope that, with God’s blessings and your help, we can continue to serve our neighbours who struggle to feed themselves or their families, and perhaps even extend the services we can offer to them.


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